The NM8 Flexi machine incorporates all the concepts of the NM6 Flexi machine that have made this lathe one of the most efficient products on the market.
To meet the constraints of machining larger diameters, we have developed the following specific elements :

  • New rotating tool head with material passage up to 8 mm
  • Two CNC axes for the management of turning tools, which allows to 2 cutting tools to work simultaneously
  • New material straightening device ensures high quality straightening up to 8 mm

As the NM6 Flexi machines, the use of two completely independent cross tables allows to work on secondary operations on 2 parts at the same time : one part machined in the turning and front operation while the second parts positioned in the counter spindle is machined at the rear.
The material can be loaded in form of coil up to a diameter of 8 mm. It will then be transformed into bar stock material after the rotating straightening process.
The machine has been configured so that it is possible to remove the straightening unit and equip the machine with bar loader.

Application profile

  • Average to high parts volume
  • Very short cycle times
  • 24 hours production
  • Simple to medium complexity parts
  • Turning diameter up to 8 mm

Technical specifications

  • The escomatic technology with 4 turning tools on the rotating tool head
  • Two cutting tools can simultaneously work
  • Choice of escomatic cutting tools or inserts from other suppliers
  • High speed manufacturing thanks to the independent front and rear machining units permitting to work on 2 parts simultaneously
  • Flexibility of the straightening thanks to its’ electric drive and programming from the console
  • Improved quality of straightening by control over the rotating and traversing speed
  • Easy access for the operator granted by the complete opening of the frontal guarding
  • Easy programming by using the latest technologies of the Fanuc Oi-TF control

Technical data


  • Max. material diameter : 8 mm
  • Work piece length standard : 150 mm
  • Number of tools : 4 (2 simultaneously)
  • Max. toolhead speed : 8’000 t/min1

Front machining unit (DUF)

  • Number of powered tools axial : 3
  • Max. drilling diameter : 6 mm
  • Max. tapping capacity : M5
  • Max. drilling speed : 12’000 t/min1
  • Number of powered tools lateral (option) : 1 à 3
  • Max. drilling/milling speed : 4’000 t/min1

Back machining unit (DUA)

  • Max. speed of counter spindle : 10’000 t/min1
  • Number of fixed tools axial : 4
  • Max. drilling diameter : 6 mm
  • Max. tapping capacity : M5
  • Number of powered tools axial : 4
  • Number of powered tools lateral : 2
  • Max. drilling speed : 15’000 t/min1
  • Max. drilling diameter lateral tool : 5 mm
  • Max. tapping capacity lateral tool : M4


  • Resolution/Increment : 0.001

Numerical control

  • CNC control FANUC : Oi-TF
  • Max. number of controlled axes : 8
  • Number of spindles : 3
  • Rapid feed : 40 m/min

Technical features

  • Coolant/cutting fluid : Oil
  • Tank capacity : 200 liter
  • Chips container capacity : 100 liter